In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity

In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity. Forest during sunrise. ELYTRUM Magazine

People everywhere are facing challenging times. The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown our daily lives into the air for us to catch the pieces and put them back together. This makes us feel powerless, as our businesses are facing closures, we are losing jobs, not to mention the fear of possibly losing our lives. This is all anxiety-inducing, as we face the uncertainty of not knowing what may happen over the coming weeks.

There is one thing that we have control over we have freedom and control over how we choose to respond, our perspective. We could decide to see the opportunities around us, and the chances to improve and evolve our being, our lives and the lives of people around us. We may not be able to change the world, but we can change our mindset.

Before the pandemic, we couldn’t easily find time for our family and friends, not having time for things we love to do, or simply not having enough time to clean our house, to look after our bodies and mind, and our wellbeing. 

Perhaps this is the right time to step back, reflect and reinvent yourself. 

At ELYTRUM, our mission is to help you find inspiration in the small moments, helping you to continually improve your wellbeing so that you feel your best anytime and anywhere. As such, we have compiled a list of ideas that may inspire you to look for and create opportunity in this challenging time of uncertainty

Time to reflect and heal 

Take a few moments to reflect and consider things you wanted to do yet never found the time or confidence to do so. Visualise it, write it down and commit yourself to it. Take the chance to try something new or simply adjust your current routine. What about practising a few minutes of meditation or perhaps simple yoga stretches or exercise? How about planning to cook and eat healthier food? What about having a detox week? Even starting a simple self-care routine can help promote emotional wellbeing as you consciously take care of your body, mind and soul. 

Start now, with small steps to see what makes you feel good, happier and healthier. Maybe this crisis gives us the chance to finally do so. Work on your wellbeing, find meaningful moments, whatever the time. Even if you spend a couple of minutes on them each day, it’s a start, and that’s what matters.

Reconnect with people

How many times did you say to your family and friends that you have no time to meet, there is so much to do or that you feel tired, can we meet next time? You're not the only one. I have this done myself many times. Although we are unable to meet in person during this difficult time of CoronaVirus, we can find the time to connect and speak more digitally. Rather than text, call if possible, hear their voice and laugh (or cry if needed) together. Double the happiness, share the pain. And of course, consider the people around you, those who surround you. Spend more meaningful time with them, play games, talk and most importantly, have fun.

The power of community, supporting each other even if it is necessary via digital means; simple words of gratitude, love and encouragement cost nothing yet they are worth the universe. 

Start over and rediscover yourself

It may not be easy to find inspiration in the current circumstances, especially if you are one of those who are facing redundancy or have already lost their jobs. It feels devastating and scary and the future can be as blurry as a fog.  Take it as a chance to reflect and look at things from a different perspective. Looking at things from a different angle will allow you to see that there are other routes that you can take, even in these difficult times. Believe in yourself, start dreaming again and see the opportunities around you, or just create your own.

Reinvent yourself and take the chance to change the direction of your life. Believe, and it will work out, you just have to do it. Start with small steps - write it down. Open the door to the opportunity - it’s always knocking if you listen carefully enough. 

Do what you makes you happy

Find the book you wanted to read for some time yet you haven’t found the time to do so. Play music and start to dance. What about that DIY stuff you bought a long time ago yet it’s still sitting in the corner of your cupboard untouched? Take this opportunity and paint, sing, write, learn, create anything that comes to your mind. Imagination and creativity are just like muscles, the more we use it, the better we get.

Declutter your home

The current restriction of buying only the necessities gives us another chance to reflect on what we really need and what we can actually live without. We buy many things just because we like it at that moment, yet we never really use it. Do you recall that lovely new top you liked so much yet it still has the tag on? Or the decorative home piece you have and never put out for display? Maybe it’s time to declutter. Free up your space, let your whole home breathe again. 

Turn your everyday routine into more meaningful rituals

Meaningful routines restore harmony and balance in our lives. We feel more in control of our daily lives when there is a structure, a consistent routine that guides us and offers stability and feeling of content, especially in unstable times. Every day, allocate yourself a few minutes for things that bring you joy, that give you an inner calm and leave you feeling stronger and more content. Consistent mindful routines, such as slowly savouring your favourite green tea after you wake up, finding five minutes to take care of your body and mind every day, exercise, read books etc. are just a few examples of how to kick off your day with energy and motivation. 


Slow down and enjoy meaningful small moments 

Hectic business and lives have ceased for a while. The small, uplifting moments are becoming the key parts of our daily lives. Enjoy them fully, whatever they are. Small talk with your close ones? This delicious herbal tea you usually drink too fast? Just savour it! The beautiful story you are reading? Lose yourself in that story and let your imagination go crazy! 

Or, just stop and do simply N.O.T.H.I.N.G.  Knowing that after every push there is a pause, so just enjoy the stillness instead.


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