The Surprising Benefits of Rituals

The Surprising Benefits of Rituals, ELYTRUM Magazine

Rituals are the formulas by which harmony is restored. They have been in many cultures around the world for centuries, they provide comfort, structure and stability, bind society and strengthen relationships between people.

"Rituals are the formulas by which harmony is restored."

We already perform several habits and routines in our daily lives, most of them without realising it. Good habits and routines make us feel better, while bad habits make us feel guilty and upset; we want to change our bad habits, yet we repeat them over and over again. It’s time to take control of our wellbeing and start introducing mindful rituals into our lives.

Rituals are a series of actions performed in the same way, they are meaningful to us and we carry them out with a purpose and awareness. In rituals, we express our values and what matters the most; they nourish us deeply and build a foundation for our higher level of wellbeing. We perform them because we want to feel happier, healthier, more confident and in control of our lives. They increase our energy, prepare us for things we may face ahead, they enable us to relax and melt our worries and stresses away. Those rituals are done with content and flair.

How do we start self-care rituals?

We all want to spend our time in a meaningful way, making the most of our precious moments with people and things important to us. So how do we create new rituals? Write down things you would like to have or improve in your life, things you value and give you a sense of content, love and renewed energy. Think of moments that bring your attention to the present, the situation and the people around us.

More tips to help you find your ritual:

  • Find things or moments you value that bring you joy, a sense of fulfilment and love (for example, regular dinner with family and friends)
  • Find something that helps you focus and increases your creativity (like painting or gardening)
  • Think of your biggest dream and the smallest first step to help you achieve your dream (e.g. becoming a skincare formulator = dream; taking a skincare formulating course = first step to achieving it)
  • Find behaviours that you want to put into practice (morning exercise, eating healthy food)
  • Replace a bad habit with a positive activity (reading a book instead of watching TV)
  • Think of senses such as sounds, aromas, tastes, words, movements, etc. that make you feel good and find actions that connect you to those senses
  • Transform your morning routine into a mindful self-care ritual

When you have completed the list, start carving a particular amount of time out of your day for your preferred self-care ritual. Whatever positive behaviour or a moment you need it to be, start putting it into practice.

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What rituals can you introduce to improve your wellbeing?

I hope my summary below will inspire you to start your wellbeing journey:

  1. Create a mindful morning ritual. Set your alarm 20 minutes earlier and dedicate them to your morning rituals, such as enjoying a mindful sip of a herbal tea or eating a healthy breakfast.

  2. Add body brushing to your shower or bath routine to boost energy.

  3. Practise a few yoga poses to help you stretch the body and get your energy flowing.

  4. Enjoy a leisurely walk in a nearby park or a forest.

  5. Start or reintroduce reading that inspires you, fills you up with new knowledge and insights, and opens the gate to the imagination.

  6. Spend regular time with your family and friends, such as Sunday lunch.

  7. Practise meditation to calm your mind, relieve stress and anxiety and increase focus.

  8. Join a class that gives you joy and where you meet new people.

  9. Light an oil burner with your favourite aromatherapy oil, put the feet up and enjoy a sweet moment of silence.

  10. Visualise your dreams every day for a minute or two. You never know, one day they may become a reality!

  11. Start an exercise to boost your energy and make you feel stronger.

  12. Learn something new every day. Watch a documentary, read a book, visit a museum. It is said that rituals unlock our minds, allow new ideas to flow, creating a path to fulfilling our potential.

  13. Take a moment each day and appreciate the small and huge moments in your life.

  14. Cook a delicious dinner.

  15. Visit a market, buy gorgeous flowers that make your room smell like a meadow.

  16. Enjoy a nice long bath with aromatic candles and bath salts, close your eyes and enjoy the moment!

I introduce meaningful rituals into my life by improving my already established morning self-care routine. Waking up at the same time each morning, drinking an organic nettle tea and massaging the body with my favourite body brush, these are the moments that prepare me positively for a new day ahead.

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