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At ELYTRUM, our mission is to support you on a journey of unveiling new mindful routines and rituals that we perform with awareness, and which fill us with energy, happiness and inspiration. ELYTRUM launched with beautifully crafted natural body brushes to help you have naturally glowing skin, lose yourself and find harmony and inner calm in the elevated ritual of self-care.

We want ELYTRUM to be the best place where you can find high-quality, sustainable body care and skincare accessories to help you transform your body and mind, and reconnect you with the natural world.

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Nature provides the most amazing ingredients for us to harness. We must look after it in return. We want to ensure that our products are as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, keeping the world as natural and flourishing as it can ever be. It’s not only our wellbeing we need to look after, but it is also the wellbeing of our planet. We already know that constant small steps lead to big leaps in the end.


Lenka Sopciakova, Founder of ELYTRUM

To improve my overall physical and emotional wellbeing, I knew I had to start seeing things holistically, treating myself as a whole being. I started practising mindfulness and introduced beneficial routines in my daily activities - taking care of my body and its sensations, my mind, and thoughts, my emotions and feelings. When we achieve the highest level of wellbeing, we increase our confidence, we feel happier and healthier and find a sense of fulfilment and balance.  

I first introduced a mindful body care routine, as for most of my adult life, I have had issues with skin’s dryness, blemishes and adult acne. I have found that keeping my skin clean and nourished is the perfect and necessary foundation for optimum skin health and having a wonderful glow. By practising my body care routine, my stress reduced and skin cleared, as I became more aware and mindful of my body and skin, and how energised and relaxed I was feeling. People noticed so I decided to share this with my family and friends, and everyone.

Founder of ELYTRUM brand offering natural body brushes, Lenka Sopciakova