Pampering Body Brush Duo

Exfoliate. Cleanse. Invigorate.
Rejuvenating Dry Body Brush for sensitive skin from ELYTRUM UK Rejuvenating Dry Body Brush for sensitive skin from ELYTRUM UK

Rejuvenating Dry Body Brush

For gentle exfoliation
The benefits of body brushing, smooth healthy skin of a woman


Natural dry body brushes - collection, ELYTRUM

The Perfect Body Brushes

The joy of self-care

Natural Body Brushes To Elevete Your Self-Care Routine

ELYTRUM natural body brushes are recognised for their high quality and effectiveness, and how wonderful they feel on the skin. Designed with our bodies in mind, the all-round shape of our body brushes allow you to cover every inch of your body for maximum benefit, leaving your body energised and your skin beautifully soft and smooth.


What our customers say

Highly recommend

I purchased these as a gift for my sister she absolutely loves them she says her skin has never felt so soft and smooth. The brushes are of excellent quality and good value I would highly recommend.

(Invigorating Body Brush)

Yorkshire lass

Best Brushes Ever!

I just go this brush and the long back brush and they are amazing. They have the nicest feeling bristles I’ve ever experienced in a dry brush. Love them both!


Body & Foot Duo

I love, love, love my body brushes. Initially I thought the brushes would hurt once I used them across my skin but that was not the case. It's feels more invigorating and a tingling after effect. I especially like the back brush. It bends and conforms to any part of your body-around your legs the curve of your shoulders. When I use my brushes at night before a nice shower I sleep like a baby. Lastly the brushes are well made and beautiful. They help my body feel good and my skin nice and soft. Throw out the sugar scrubs this is a one time purchase without the mess. Love it!


Great buy

Really works! Feels great on the skin and wakes you up for the day! Good to use after sports or exercise too.


Palm Body Brush

Absolutely adore my Palm Body Brush. I’ve suffered from body acne for my whole life and now to find something that doesn’t add time to my body/face routine and actually works is amazing.


So luxurious! 

Most effective brushes I’ve ever bought. No scratching the skin. They also look fab in my bathroom.

(Long Back Brush)

Get more from your beauty routine
Dry body brushing for smooth, healthy skin

We naturally practise rituals that enhance our beauty, improve our wellbeing and make us feel good. Our body brushes exfoliate and remove dead skin and impurities, making your skin look and feel healthy, incredibly clean and soft.  Body brushing practice helps raise energy levels while the brush bristles cleanse your skin and prepare it to absorb beauty products effectively.

Discover the benefits of body brushing, your skin and body will love you for it. 

We are thrilled to be part of the NEOM Wellbeing Edit! 
The NEOM Wellbeing Edit

A time-limited edition of wellbeing products, from other brands, that work with NEOM products, to boost your wellbeing and help you create a wellbeing toolkit that works for you. 

We’re so excited to announce that our Dry Body Brush is part of The Energy Edit - a collection of products to help supercharge your energy. 

Ethically handmade & sustainable

Nature provides the most amazing ingredients and resources for us to harness. It is our obligation to look after it in return. By taking a conscious approach to beauty and wellbeing we are able to make better choices that help us protect the wellbeing of our planet and its people. Our body brushes are ethically sourced and handmade by a family-owned business in Sri Lanka.


You asked, we answered. Read to learn when is the best time to dry body brush, what body brush to choose and how to use it, and we also advise you how to clean it. You can find all the answers in this article.
Do you have that feeling sometimes that wearing the skin is the hardest thing to do? One day it is glowing and radiant, the next day acne uninvitingly pops up, or it feels itchy and dry. What is it we should look for in skincare? How can we prevent dry skin and keep it healthy and hydrated?

Nothing in this world exists in isolation, no person as a part of a group or society, nor any part of ourselves as a whole being, and this particularly applies to our mind, emotions and body. When one of these is off, the other two soon follow.