Love ELYTRUM beautiful natural dry body brushes? Spread the word and introduce your customers and audience to dry body brushing and its wonderful benefits!

The ELYTRUM affiliate programme is open to beauty salons, spas and editorial sites that complement our brand and our ethos.

If you have a beautiful and professional website, blog and/or social channel, we are  inviting you to join our affiliate programme so you can start earning a generous commission on all sales referred to us.

Why join our programme?

  • Earn 10% commission on sales

  • 30 day cookie window

  • Exclusive offers, news and product launch information

To become an affiliate, please follow the below steps:

  • Apply to become a publisher with Affiliate Window here. To apply, you will need to create an account with Affiliate Window. 

  • We will then review your application

  • Once approved, you will have access to all ELYTRUM's affiliate offers and be able to start generating trackable links to our website and start earning commission from sales.

How does it work?

  • Generate trackable links with Afilliate Window (GoAffPro) and add them to your website, blog or social channels.

  • When a visitor to your platform clicks on the trackable links, the visit will be tracked back to you and recorded within your GoAffPro dashboard.

  • Receive commission from any sales made through your trackable link!