How to use facial brush

Brush your face once or twice a week before shower or bath on makeup-free skin. Regular dry brushing exfoliates and massages the skin while stimulating connecting tissues and increasing blood circulation. 

  1. Brush using 5-6 strokes on each facial area without applying too much pressure. 
  2. Again, start at the tip of your chin and use short swift strokes towards your ears.
  3. With an inverted u-shape stroke, start at the side of your nostrils brushing towards your ears. 
  4. Brush the sides of our nose using short strokes towards your forehead.
  5. Continue brushing from the middle of your forehead towards the temples.
  6. Move over to your temples brushing down your neck to the collarbone.
  7. Move to the tip of your chin brushing down your neck.
  8. Complete your treatment with long strokes from the back of your ears towards the collarbone.
  9. After brushing, rinse your face and apply a moisturising cream or lotion.